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Medical education advisory committee (MEAC)

Terms of Reference

  1. To enhance excellence in teaching and educational endeavours.
  2. To increase recognition of educational activities.
  3. To develop and subsequently review core competencies on an annual basis core competencies and outcome measures for the teaching and educational components of the clinician-teacher and clinician-educator job activity profiles.
  4. To develop an appropriate mechanism whereby members of the Department of Paediatrics will be evaluated according to the criteria developed under number 3 on an annual basis.
  5. To assist in developing individual faculty member's roles as clinician-teachers and clinician-educators including maintaining a mentoring process.
  6. To encourage, promote and coordinate faculty development for all aspects of teaching in the Department of Paediatrics.
  7. To work collaboratively to promote educational research in the Department.
  8. To foster liaisons with other groups with shared educational interests.
  9. To make recommendations to the Chair with regard to necessary educational infrastructure and the resources required for this infrastructure development.
  10. To advise the Chair on matters pertinent to education within the Department.
  11. To develop from time to time as required a task force/ad hoc groups to review specific issues and report to the committee.

Faculty Membership:

(Those members with an appointment to the SickKids Research Institute have a link to their Research Institute Profile)


Faculty Development is a subcommittee of the MEAC.