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In recent years

The Hospital for Sick Children Atrium

In 1993, inpatients at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) moved to a magnificent new building, "the Atrium", directly connected to the previously existing hospital. This aesthetically pleasing facility possesses state of the art technology and was specifically designed for family-centred care.Virtually all patients are cared for in single rooms equipped with a separate bed for the parent and self contained, fully equipped washrooms. What a difference from SickKids of the 19th century where children were placed in large multi-bed wards and parents were actively discouraged and prevented from visiting their children!

Dr. Hugh O'Brodovich

Dr. Hugh O’Brodovich was appointed as Chairman of Paediatrics and Paediatrician-in-Chief in 1996 and he held this position until 2006. Prior to his appointment, Dr. O’Brodovich was the Division Head of Respiratory Medicine. As a senior scientist in the SickKids Research Institute, Dr. O’Brodovich helped develop the Medical Research Council of Canadas Group in Lung Development and was the first Director of the SickKids Lung Gene Therapy Program. Dr. O’Brodovich formed the Paediatric Executive which played and continues to play a critical leadership role in the ongoing evolution and management of the department. The goal of the Paediatric Executive is to enhance the department's and the hospital's mission to be a knowledge-based institution where the generation, evaluation, dissemination, and utilization of knowledge improves the health of infants and children. In a leading paediatric academic health sciences centre, excellence in clinical care cannot be separated from excellence in research and education. To assist the individual faculty member's career development and to more clearly define the role of an individual, physicians now belong to one of six job profiles which are evaluated and valued for their important contributions.

In 1997, SickKids and the department were given an exciting and challenging mission. The Province of Ontario’s Health Care Restructuring Commission recommended that SickKids and the Department of Paediatrics provide leadership for the development of a "Child Health Network." The goal is to consolidate inpatient paediatric care, presently provided at many hospitals throughout the Greater Toronto Area, at SickKids and its six partner hospitals. The partner hospitals will enhance their ability to provide clinical care, education, and research activities so that together with SickKids they can provide care for the surrounding urban area of more than four million people.

Dr. Denis Daneman

In July 2006, Dr. Denis Daneman took on the leadership role for the Department of Paediatrics, becoming the eighth leader of the Department. Prior to his appointment as Chair of Paediatrics and Paediatrician-in-Chief, Dr. Daneman was the Division Head of Endocrinology at SickKids. Dr. Daneman is also a Senior Associate Scientist in the Research Institute at SickKids and he continues his important contribution to clinical work within the Division of Endocrinology.

Much has changed since the first children came to SickKids. The Department of Paediatrics looks forward to the new millennium and the many changes which will occur. Although it is impossible to predict what will happen in the next 100 years, two things are certain. First, the strategies to maintain health and treat disease will likely bear little resemblance to our present efforts. What will not change is the skill and dedication of the physicians in the department who provide care, train the future caregivers, and develop new health strategies for our children’s children.