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Facilities and Resources

Additional Resources

SickKids Research Institute provides outstanding facilities, resources and services to support the research activities conducted by our researchers.

The Research Institute’s Core Facilities provide technical expertise, services and state-of the art equipment to our researchers on a cost recovery basis. 

Two thirds of the research carried out at SickKids is clinical research. The Clinical Research Office offers a broad range of services to our researchers and clinician scientists. This highly collaborative environment has earned a reputation for integrity.


The Chromosome 7 Project contains sequence, gene and other annotations from all databases (eg. Celera published, NCBI, Ensembl, RIKEN, UCSC) as well as unpublished data for Chromosome 7. The Chromosome 7 Project is created and maintained by The Centre for Applied Genomics.

The Cystic Fibrosis Mutation Database documents mutations in the CFTR gene and is a resource for the international cystic fibrosis genetics research community.

The Labatt Family Heart Centre Biobank research initiative will create a repository of DNA samples for future research aimed at identifying the genes that cause congenital heart disease and developing better ways to diagnose, prevent and treat heart disease in children and adults.

The cDNA Database and the shRNA archive are two of the different database resources provided by SPARC.

In recent years, standard methods for the conduct of economic evaluations have evolved to improve allocation decisions. However, child health differs from adult health in important ways. As a result, there are aspects to the measurement of costs and consequences that are unique to the paediatric population.

The Paediatric Economic Database Evaluation (PEDE) Project was conceived as part of a research program in paediatric health economic methods. The database contains thousands of citations and continues to be updated.

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Technology Assessment at SickKids (TASK) was created in response to the growing interest in Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and health economic evaluation at The Hospital for Sick Children Toronto both from an institutional perspective, and from a researcher's perspective. TASK aims to assist the hospital in making challenging purchase decisions by producing HTA reports on topics of interest.