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Healthy Weight Program

Healthy Eating & Active Living Resources

Explore these helpful websites for more information:

Food & Nutrition |  Nutrition Resources for Parents | Health, Wellness and Lifestyle | Physical Activity Resources for Parents | Growth and Development |  Childhood Obesity Information |  Community Resources and Activities |  Funding Opportunities

Food and Nutrition

Canada’s Food Guide (Health Canada)

Available Languages:  

    • English
    • French
    • Arabic
    • Chinese (Simplified)
    • Farsi (Persian)
    • Korean
    • Punjabi
    • Russian
    • Spanish
    • Tagalog
    • Tamil
    • Urdu  

Meal Planning

Healthy Snacking

Eating Out

Grocery Shopping

Nutrition Resources for Parents  

For Children One- to Five-Years-Old

For School Aged Children

For Teens

  • Eating Well While Eating Out (Teens Health from Nemours)
    • If I Eat Well at Home, What's Wrong With Splurging When I Eat Out?
    • Eating on the Go
    • Tips for Eating At a Restaurant
    • Tips for Eating At the Mall or Fast-Food Place
    • Tips for Eating In the School Cafeteria

Interactive Activities for Kids and Families

(* Indicates interactive games)

  • Eat Right Ontario (Ministry of Health)
    • Call-a-Dietitian
    • Email-a-Dietitian
  • EATracker (Dietitians of Canada)
    • EATracker lets you track your day's food and activity choices and compares them to the guidelines laid out by Health Canada
    • EATracker assesses your food choices and provides personalized feedback on your total intake of energy (calories) and essential nutrients and compares this to what is recommended for your age, gender, and activity level. It also determines your body mass index (BMI) and provides information to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight
    • EATracker is appropriate for individuals 14-years-old and older
  • My Food Guide (Health Canada) - My Food Guide allows you to create your own meal plan based on your age and gender
  • Why We Eat More Than We Think: Mindless Eating Strategies

Physical Activity

Health, Wellness and Lifestyle  

Resources include information on healthy child development, safe environments for children, healthy pregnancy and childbirth

Physical Activity Resources for Parents  

For Children Two- to Five-Years-Old

For School Aged Children

For Teens

  • Why Exercise is Wise (Teens Health from Nemours)
    • Rewards and Benefits
    • Aerobic Exercise
    • Strength Training
    • Flexibility Training
    • What's Right for Me?
    • Too Much of a Good Thing

Growth & Development

Childhood Obesity Information

Community Resources & Activities

  • Peer Nutrition Program (Toronto Public Health) - The Peer Nutrition Program is a free Toronto Public Health nutrition education program offered to parents and caregivers from ethnically and culturally diverse communities in Toronto.  
    • Led by trained Community Nutrition Educators (Peer Workers)  
    • Offered in Different Languages  
    • Supported by Registered Dietitians 
    • Provides Child-Care  
    • Provides Gift Certificates for Healthy Foods  
  • Programs & Activities (City of Toronto) - Various programs offered all over the city, including sports, volunteering programs, fitness and wellness programs, camps, and arts

    Divides Toronto programs into the following areas:
    • North York  
    • Etobicoke York  
    • Toronto/East York  
    • Scarborough  
  • Parks and Facilities in Toronto (City of Toronto)
    • Camping
    • Community centres
    • Cycling
    • Discovery walks
    • Golfing  
    • Skating
    • Skiing
    • Swimming
    • Tennis  
  • Special Events in Toronto (City of Toronto

Funding Opportunities

  • Jump Start Program (Sponsored by Canadian Tire) - Community-based charitable program that helps kids aged four to 18 participate in organized sports and recreation such as hockey, dance, soccer and swimming, so they can develop important life skills, self-esteem and confidence. Accepts applications from eligible families twice per year (during the last two weeks in January and the first two weeks in June)

    Resources are provided by the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO)