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Respiratory Medicine
Respiratory Medicine

Asthma Clinic

The Asthma Clinic at The Hospital for Sick Children is located at Unit 4A on the 4th Floor in the Atrium. The Asthma Clinic provides various services for children with moderate to severe asthma. Patients with moderate to severe asthma may be referred by a Physician or Surgeon.

Since asthma is a common disease, referral to the clinic should be limited to patients with:

  1. Moderate to severe persistent asthma
  2. Uncontrolled asthma after a three to six-month trial of therapy by the primary care giver, especially with more than one hospitalization, emergency visits or courses of oral corticosteroids in the last year
  3. Diagnostic issues
  4. Children less than three years old who have persistent asthma symptoms between viral infections

How to make a referral

  • Send your referral via ARMs, our online Ambulatory Referral Management system
  • Learn more about the ARM system

Useful websites for information on Asthma: