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Meal Vouchers

Meal vouchers are pre-paid certificates that can be used at SickKids to purchase food in the Terrace Café, Subway and Tim Hortons. Read the following to take advantage of this special offer.

Who can purchase meal vouchers?

Anyone can purchase meal vouchers for patients and families or staff members here at SickKids.

How do I purchase meal vouchers?

Visit the Terrace Café on the Main Floor in the Atrium to purchase meal vouchers. You can also email bruna.andreacchi@sickkids.ca or call 416-813-8480. Credit card and cash are accepted. SickKids staff  may use a cost centre as well.

Do meal vouchers expire?
No. They have no expiry date.

Where can I redeem meal vouchers?
The Terrace Café, Subway, and Tim Hortons accept meal vouchers.

Is there a minimum amount to purchase?
No. You can spend as little or as much as you like in any denomination.

What if my meal vouchers are lost or stolen?
If your meal vouchers have been lost or stolen, replacement vouchers will not be reissued. This applies to all meal vouchers purchased by cash, credit card or cost centre. 

Visit the Terrace Café to purchase your meal vouchers today! All proceeds support Nutrition & Food Services at SickKids.