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About Terrace Cafe


The Terrace Café, at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, is an institutional trailblazer. With Chef's Corner, Around the World, Salad Bar, and The Deli, we source large volumes of fresh ingredients from Ontario farmers to offer visitors, staff and downtown workers in the know, a constantly changing menu, 365 days a year. We are Feast ON certified and find ourselves in the ranks of other top Ontario restaurants because of this. Our offerings include such things as: Bradford Bay chicken tagine, spaghetti with Ontario basil-tomato sauce, roti with Ontario chicken and veggies, and Wellington County beef bourguignon. View this week's menu to see what we're cooking up right now!

The Terrace Cafe is Feast ON certified! 

The Terrace Café holds a  Feast ON certification from the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance (OCTA) for its dedication to Ontario food and farmers. With this certification, The Terrace Café is in the company of top Toronto restaurants for its commitment to showcasing the unique tastes of Ontario. The Terrace Café is also the first and only restaurant owned and operated by a public institution to receive this provincial certification.

"Providing fresh, delicious Ontario food has always been a top priority of the Terrace Café," says Tracy Maccarone, Director of Nutrition and Commercial Services. "This certification shows our café is not just a great place to eat on University Ave, but it's a leading restaurant provincially, serving the very best Ontario has to offer."

Feast ON is a criteria-based certification that recognizes restaurants that are champions of Ontario food and drink. To qualify over 25 per cent of a restaurant's annual food and drink purchases must come from Ontario sources. Restaurants must also prove they are supportive members of the Ontario agricultural community and participate in the promotion of Ontario food and drink.

More information about SickKids Feast ON certification is available on the Feast ON website

 Kids Eat Local 

The Terrrace Cafe at SickKids uses locally sourced ingredients as much as possible. Look for the Kids Eat Local logo on the Terrace Cafe menu items for Ontario specials!

Take Home Meals from the Terrace Cafe!

Too busy to make a hot and delicious homemade dinner? We can help! The Terrace Cafe offers ready-to-eat hot meals for pickup before you leave for the day. Follow these simple steps to order today!

In person:
1. Fill out and print the Take Home Meal Order Form. Copies are available at the Terrace Cafe as well.
2. Present it to the cashier with payment before 10 a.m. for evening pickup.

1. Review the Take Home Meal Order Form and call extension 206754 or 208480 with all the details for evening pickup.
2. Visit the Terrace Cafe with payment before 10 a.m. for evening pickup.

1. Visit www.terracecatering.catertrax.com and click on Take Home Meals.
2. Place your order by 1 p.m. the day before.


Your SickKids ID Badge is now your Cafeteria Cash Card! 

Why should I use my SickKids ID Badge as my Cafeteria Cash Card?
It's simple, easy and convenient. You will never have to bring your wallet to the cafeteria again!

How do I load money onto my SickKids ID Badge?
Visit the Terrace Cafe cashiers. They will add money to your SickKids ID Badge using cash or debit.

Is there a minimum amount to add?
No. Add as much or as little money as you would like.

Can I find out the balance?
Yes. Our cashiers can swipe your badge at the register and tell you your balance.

Where can I use my badge as a Cafeteria Cash Card?
The Terrace Cafe only.

What happens if I lose or break my badge or move to another department?
The money on your SickKids ID badge will remain there.

Does the money on my badge expire?

Who can use my badge to purchase food from the Terrace Cafe?
Only you.

What if I don't have enough money on my badge?
You will need to pay the remaining balance by cash or debit.

Can I use my badge to purchase food at The Fountain in the evenings?

What happens if I leave SickKids?
Visit the Terrace Cafe cashiers to get reimbursed for the remaining balance on your SickKids ID Badge.