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Terrace Catering

Welcome to Terrace Catering!

We pride ourselves on our ability to meet any need to assure the success of your event.
Please let us know if there is something you do not see on our website. We will be happy to assist you at any time with placing your food and beverage orders.

Visit www.terracecatering.catertrax.com to place your order now.

Frequently Asked Questions
Below is important information to assist you in placing your catering order.

When do I need to place my order?
Place your order by 1 p.m. the day before your catering event. For Monday catering, place your order by Friday at 1 p.m. For Banquets or large events, please call the catering office at 416-813-7020. 

What if I have guests with special dietary needs?
Special menu items are available upon request and may require more than two business days’ notice to ensure availability of product. Include any special menu items required in the “Special Instructions” section when placing your order using the Terrace Catering website. We will contact you with a confirmation of availability.

Are plates, napkins, cutlery and cups included?
Yes. Sufficient disposable plates, napkins, cutlery and cups are supplied with each catering order. If you require china, additional charges will apply as follows:

1-15 people.........................................................................$5
16-25 people ..................................................................... $10
26-50 people ..................................................................... $20

Labour charges also may apply when using china. Should catering be unable to provide china or other special requirements, then equipment rental charges will apply.

Am I responsible for room booking?
Yes. It is the responsibility of the individual requesting catering services to book the desired room for the appropriate length of time. Set-up and takedown time is required for many functions and this time must be booked in conjunction with the function. Email Central Booking for information on room availability.

Am I responsible for booking the move team?
Yes. It is the responsibility of the individual requesting catering services to book the move team for special set-up requirements and to ensure the room has sufficient tables to accommodate catering. If you are unsure of set-up requirements for catering please email catering.office@sickkids.ca to discuss room layout. It is also advisable to inform the catering office of room set-up and space allocated for food and beverage. Email the Move Team

Am I responsible for labour costs?
Yes. All functions which require a bartender or wait staff to be present during an event are subject to a labour charge of $25 per hour per staff. A minimum of 4 hours will be charged.

When will the catering be delivered to my location?
Our aim is to deliver catering to the location requested at least fifteen minutes beforehand. Business demands, the size of the catering event and set-up requirements may result in earlier delivery times. Last minute orders will be accommodated as promptly as possible.

What if I need to change the number of guests attending?
Billing is based on the confirmed number of guests. Changes requested that incur extra costs will result in additional charges.

For Banquet Events: The guaranteed numbers of guest are to be submitted to the catering office by noon two business days prior to the Banquet. For events on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays, guarantees are required by noon the preceding Thursday.

What if I need to cancel my catering order?
Cancellation of a function requires at least 24-hours notice. Late notice of cancellation may result in charges based on items ordered and time of cancellation.

Can alcohol be served at the Hospital?
All requests to Catering Services for alcoholic beverages must have prior signed approval. The provision of alcohol may be charged to the Hospital only in exceptional circumstances with pre-approval by an Executive Vice President (EVP) or CEO. In order to charge alcohol to the Hospital, the justification must be documented on the Pre-Approval Request for Alcohol Expenditure Form AP-8 and duly pre-approved.

Alcoholic beverages will only be served by Terrace Catering Services. All alcoholic beverages must be served by a Smart Serve trained bartender. Food must always be served in conjunction with the event as per Liquor License Board of Ontario Regulations.

The host of the event must complete a Special Occasion Permit application form 30 days in advance of the event. This form may be obtained at any LCBO store or download a copy of the application form from http://www.agco.on.ca/forms/en/1575_a.pdf . Once an application form has been completed, the host must take it to the Terrace Catering office for processing.

The liquor license must be posted in a prominent location in the room where the event is held.

The host is responsible for the safety and sobriety of people attending the event.

The client will be charged for all opened bottles.

Once an application form has been completed, you must take it to the designated permit-issuing LCBO. You can call the LCBO at 416-365-5900 for a complete listing of LCBO stores issuing Special Occasion Permits.

Allow at least 14 business days for processing of the application. Email catering.office@sickkids.ca for all catering events requiring alcohol.

Can catering be delivered to a location outside of SickKids?

What if my catering event is on the weekend?
Email catering.office@sickkids.ca. Do not use the catering website.

Am I responsible for lost or damaged items?
Yes. Lost or damaged items will be billed to the client. It is the responsibility of the person ordering catering to ensure all items are at the catering location and to phone catering if any equipment has been moved from the function room.

After hours pager: 416-232-4888

Additional Information

Evening Meetings
Meetings held in the evening requiring urns and chafing dishes to be unplugged and extinguished by the person in charge of the meeting. Burned out equipment caused from neglect of this duty will be billed to the group receiving the catering.

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