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Garron Family Cancer Centre


Policy and Economics Research in Childhood Cancer (PERCC)
Goals of PERCC
Strategies to Achieve Goals
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Dr. Gupta discusses PERCC (Video)

Policy and Economics Research in Childhood Cancer (PERCC)

Over 80% of children with cancer live in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs); their cure rates lag far behind those of children in high-income countries (HICs). National Childhood Cancer Strategies hold the potential to increase childhood cancer cure rates across large LMIC populations, but are in place in only a handful of LMIC. Barriers to adoption include a lack of health policy, health economics and implementation research relevant to LMIC paediatric oncology. Through a collaborative approach PERCC will support LMICs in an effort to overcome these barriers.


Goals of PERCC:

  • Conduct health policy and health economics research relevant to the care of children with cancer in LMICs
  • Use the results of such research to inform advocacy and policy efforts at various national and international levels

Strategies to Achieve Goals:

  • Forming associations with both national and international stakeholders
  • Leveraging partnerships with various LMIC childhood cancer centres
  • Obtaining competitive grant funding and support through philanthropic sources
  • Building capacity for health policy and health economics research through graduate and post-graduate level training of individuals from both HICs and LMICs

PERCC Sponsors:

Garron Family Cancer Centre

Centre for Global Child Health

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July 2016
The Lancet Oncology Commission on Sustainable Paediatric Cancer Care

Launching in 2018, The Lancet Oncology Commission on Sustainable Paediatric Cancer Care is a joint partnership between PERCC, St. Jude Children’s Research and Hospital and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. The Commission will undertake a comprehensive analysis to develop an investment case for funding management and control of childhood cancer. Cancer kills more than 100,000 children each year, and yet 80% of paediatric cancers are treatable with currently available interventions. Notably, the majority of these deaths occur in low-to-middle-income countries (LMIC) where children have poor access to health services. It is crucial that as countries transition to universal health care, childhood cancers are recognised as a priority for inclusion in benefits packages. Yet no reliable data are available in LMIC on current and future burden of childhood cancer; on cost of effective interventions; on current coverage levels for diagnostic, treatment, and care services; or on the cost, feasibility, or health and economic benefits of scaling-up effective coverage. There is an imperative for a comprehensive study to develop an investment framework to establish an evidence-based case for investing in effective interventions to address childhood cancer.
For more information, please visit: http://www.thelancet.com/campaigns/cancer/paediatric-cancer

The First Commissioner’s Meeting took place in Memphis June 17-18, pictured below.

April 2016
Grant Announcement:

Dr. Sumit Gupta is the winner of the Centre for Global Child Health Catalyst Grant for his successful proposal: ‘The Cost and Cost-Effectiveness of Treating Pediatric Hodgkin Lymphoma and Wilms Tumor in a Middle-Income Country.’

March 2016
New Publication:

Sumit Gupta, Joanne F Aitken, Ute Bartels, James Brierley, Mae Dolendo, Paola Friedrich, Soad Fuentes-Alabi, Claudia P Garrido, Gemma Gatta, Mary Gospodarowicz, Thomas Gross, Scott C Howard, Elizabeth Molyneux, Florencia Moreno, Jason D Pole, Kathy Pritchard-Jones, Oscar Ramirez, Lynn A G Ries, Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo, Hee Young Shin, Eva Steliarova-Foucher, Lillian Sung, Eddy Supriyadi, Rajaraman Swaminathan, Julie Torode, Tushar Vora, Tezer Kutluk, A Lindsay Frazier.  Paediatric cancer stage in population-based cancer registries: the Toronto consensus principles and guidelines. Lancet Oncol 2016; 17: e163–72

January 13-15, 2016
Visit to Tata Memorial Centre

Team members from the newly established Unit for Policy and Economics Research in Childhood Cancer (PERCC) made an initial visit to Tata Memorial Centre (TMC) in Mumbai, India. TMC is one of the largest cancer hospitals in the world, seeing 30,000 new patients a year, 1800 of which are under the age of 15. Drs. Horton, Gupta and Denburg met with local pediatric oncologists as well as TMC’s directors and members of the hospital administration to discuss the utility of studies focusing on determining the cost and cost-effectiveness of treating various childhood malignancies in their setting. After three days of enthusiastic meetings and sessions working out study details, PERCC and TMC have decided to collaborate on a pilot study focusing on childhood Wilms and Hodgkin lymphoma. The results will inform advocacy efforts both at TMC as well as at the international level, and will lead to studies of other pediatric cancers.

Left to right: Dr. Sumit Gupta, Sue Horton, Rajesh Dixit, Head of the IARC Mumbai Regional Hub, Dr. Brijesh Arora, Paediatric Oncologist, TMC, Dr. Tushar Vora, Paediatric Oncologist, TMC, Dr. Avi Denburg.

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January 2016
New Publication!
Gelband H, Sankaranarayanan R, Gauvreau CL, Horton S, Anderson BO, Bray F, Cleary J, Dare AJ, Denny L, Gospodarowicz MK, Gupta S, Howard SC, Jaffray DA, Knaul F, Levin C, Rabeneck L, Rajaraman P, Sullivan T, Trimble EL, Jha P, for the Disease Control Priorities-3 Cancer Author Group. Costs, affordability, and feasibility of an essential package of cancer control interventions in low-income and middle-income countries: Key messages from Disease Control Priorities, 3rd edition. Lancet. 2015. Published online before print.

December 1, 2015: Dr. Sumit Gupta contributes to latest Disease Control Priorities 3rd Edition volume on cancer

September is Childhood Cancer  Awareness month. 

Read the Lancet Oncology Commission article which addresses the role of primary care in the control of a global cancer epidemic.

Forum on National Childhood Cancer Strategies in Latin America (June 8-10, 2015: Geneva)

PERCC Leadership play key roles in planning and executing the Forum on National Childhood Cancer Strategies in Latin America (June 8-10, 2015) in Geneva. Links to workshop documents and testimony below.

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Dr. Gupta discusses PERCC