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Good 2 Go
Good 2 Go

Good 2 Go Transition Program

Good 2 Go Transition Program at SickKids

Young people leave SickKids by the time they are about 18.  Many have been coming here as long as they can remember.  Some have spent more time at the Hospital than they have in school, or even in their own homes. These teens have many similar experiences, but also come from a multitude of cultures and family constellations.  The transition from paediatric care, with its own distinct culture and ways of doing things, into the adult health-care system can be a challenge for teens and their families.

Our goal is to prepare all youth with chronic health conditions to leave SickKids by the age of 18 years with the necessary skills and knowledge to advocate for themselves (or through others), maintain health-promoting behaviors and utilize adult health-care services appropriately and successfully.

We believe that children and youth with chronic health conditions can acquire skills while in the paediatric system that will assist them in successfully managing their health care now and in the future. Paediatric health-care professionals are in a position to facilitate developmental transition in a number of different ways.

Our work is based on a Shared Management Model.

We would like to acknowledge the inspiring work done by the ON TRAC program at British Columbia's Children's Hospital, Helen Healy at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Gail Kieckhefer of the University of Washington and Patience White of George Washington University, all of who have shared their time, ideas and resources with us.