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Cardiac Critical Care
Cardiac Critical Care

What we do

Cardiac Critical Care Unit

The Cardiac Critical Care Unit is an 18 bed comprehensive critical care unit for infants and children with cardiac disease. The staff members of the unit are part of the Labatt Family Heart Centre, and it is this relationship that informs and influences the administrative and strategic direction of the unit. The CCCU has dedicated faculty, nurses and interprofessional staff with a clinical and academic focus on cardiac critical care. Flexibility exists to support innovation and expansion of the cardiac program including seamless transitions between CCCU, OR, CDIU, and cardiac inpatient unit (4D). Both orientation and continuing education programs contribute to a culture wherein staff caregivers are provided the tools and opportunity to develop and apply their focused expertise in care of critically ill cardiac patients.

The unit is operationally distinct from the PICU in that the reporting line for staff is via the CHS Director for the Heart Centre. There is regular recruitment of both new graduate and experienced nurses, including regular movement of nurses from 4D. Focus on the expert model of care philosophy is defined by interprofessional education days and cross training of resources throughout the heart centre to manage capacity and activity.

Future plans include continuing development of this expert care model with novel opportunities including advanced education in cardiac nursing via collaboration with George Brown College. We are refining our clinical care using care maps based on evidence and local experience with the intent to beneficially impact quality and consistency of care, length of stay and resource utilization.

There is a full-time quality manager, and the Division of Cardiovascular Surgery has begun an extensive database project tracking numerous quality indicators in the care of post-operative patients. It is precisely these types of collaborative processes that cross several areas of the Heart Centre that leverages the strengths of the centre concept. We are also engaged in several initiatives in collaboration with the PICU, including efforts to prevent nosocomial infections and enhance patient safety. These projects include bundles that are consistent with the Safer Healthcare Now initiative and other international collaborations amongst children's hospitals in North America.