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Fetal Cardiac Program
Fetal Cardiac Program

What if there is a heart problem

After every test, a doctor will speak with you and explain the results.

At times imaging can be difficult and can be related to the position of the baby, difficult image quality, low amniotic fluid, placental position. Although there may not be any abnormalities detected, the imaging may not be as detailed as possible. In these cases we may book a follow-up test to reassess the heart, this does not mean that there is a heart problem.

If an abnormality is detected, a doctor will speak with you and your partner privately. During this time, we will provide you with as much detailed information about the heart problem as can be determined from the images. The effect of the heart problem on the pregnancy and birth will be discussed. All options available for the pregnancy will be discussed. Often other members of the team, such as Social Workers who have experience with families experiencing heart problems in babies and children, will participate in discussions at the time of the appointment of afterwards. It may be necessary to refer you to a specialized obstetric program to ensure complete care is provided during the pregnancy.

Normally we will book additional appointments during the pregnancy to reassess your baby's heart and prepare for you and your baby for delivery.