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Fetal Cardiac Program
Fetal Cardiac Program

What we do

A fetal echocardiogram performed at 20 weeks is ideal for providing a thorough cardiac evaluation during pregnancy and allows for families to explore all options for the pregnancy if an abnormality is detected.

Most referrals are usually scheduled within 1 – 2 weeks of initial referral, urgent referrals are seen within the same week. It is important to provide complete information for appropriate triage of referrals.

  • Early fetal echocardiography may be performed at less than 16 weeks gestation. Depending on fetal position, transabdominal and/or transvaginal imaging may be used. At times important information may be obtained at this stage, while at other times the information can be limited. It is our practice to book a follow-up evaluation at 18-21 weeks for the majority of patients undergoing early fetal echocardiography.
  • Late third trimester fetal echocardiography can be difficult, in general a majority of information can be obtained.

As soon as a cardiac abnormality is suspected, we would recommend referral for fetal echocardiography.