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Labatt Family Heart Centre
Labatt Family Heart Centre

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Cardiology Clinic Inquiries

For any questions with regard to your appointment in the Cardiology department, please contact the clinic directly at 416-813-5848

The Labatt Family Heart Centre Executive

Mike Seed
Head, Division of Cardiology
Phone: 416-813-6135
Email: mike.seed@sickkids.ca
Administrative Coordinator: Sue Morton - sue.morton@sickkids.ca / 416-813-7654 x 202459
Clinic Coordinator:
Joanna Brown - 416-813-5848
Clinic Nurse
: Stephanie Darlington - 416-813-7654 x 203075

David Barron
Head, Division of Cardiovascular Surgery
Phone: 416-813-6420
Email: david.barron@sickkids.ca
Administrative Assistant: Allie Altomare - allie.altomar@sickkids.ca  / 416-813-3068
Surgical Coordinator:
Maricor Fernando - 416-813-5034

Steven Schwartz
Head, Division of Cardiac Critical Care
Phone: 416-813-6186
Email: steven.schwartz@sickkids.ca
Administrative Assistant: Sheila Mondonedo - sheila.mondonedo@sickkids.ca / 416-813-7654 x 202766

Seema Mital
Head, Division of Cardiovascular Research
Phone: 416-813-7418
Email: seema.mital@sickkids.ca
Administrative Assistant: Shreya Shah - Shreya.shah@sickkids.ca / 416-813-7654 x 204055
Heart Function Clinic Coordinator:
Shalini Chauhan - 416-813-5848
Heart Function Clinic Nurse: Kristen George / Linda Fazari - 416-813-8766 

Bruce Macpherson
Head, Division of Cardiac Anaesthesia
Phone: 416-813-8259
Email: bruce.macpherson@sickkids.ca
Administrative Assistant:
Shue Lin Loo - shuelin.loo@sickkids.ca / 416-813-8921

Jackie Hubbert
Clinical Director, Labatt Family Heart Centre & PICU
Phone: 416-813-5596
Email: jackie.hubbert@sickkids.ca
Administrative Coordinator: Kathryn Howarth - kathryn.howarth@sickkids.ca / 416-813-5733



Manager, Paediatric Business Operations, Division of Cardiology
Neville Brown - 416-813-7754
Email: neville.brown@sickkids.ca  

Administrative Coordinator, Cardiology
Sue Morton - Phone: 416-813-7654 x 202459
Email: sue.morton@sickkids.ca 

Administrative Coordinator, Critical Care Services
Kathryn Howarth - Phone: 416-813-5733
Email: kathryn.howarth@sickkids.ca 

Administrative Coordinator, Cardiovascular Services
Helen Trifunovski - Phone: 416-813-6204
Email: helen.trifunovski@sickkids.ca



Manager, Clinical Research
Christine Kerr
Phone: 416-813-7798
Email: christine.kerr@sickkids.ca


Fellowship Program Contacts

Fellowship / Observership / Elective Programs 
Jacqueline Carillo - Education Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 416-813-7467
Email: cardiology.MedEd@sickkids.ca

Cardiac Critical Care 
Nella Perri - Supervisor, Administrative Services & Fellowship Program Coordinator
Phone: 416-813-6484
Email: nella.perri@sickkids.ca

Cardiovascular Surgery
Helen Trifunovski - Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 416-813-6204
Email: helen.trifunovski@sickkids.ca