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Labatt Family Heart Centre
Labatt Family Heart Centre


Balloons: Balloon catheters currently used at SickKids.
Double Balloon Chart: coming up
Coils: Coils currently available at SickKids.


Palmaz, Palmaz Schatz, Palmaz Genesis
Stent Shortening Chart


*3F Catheters - Use of 3 French catheters for diagnostic and interventional procedures in newborns and small infants. Agnoletti Y et al. Heart 2003;89:1350-1351.
CDIU (SickKids Cath Lab) Inventory This is a list of our current catheters, balloons, stents, sheaths etc.

* = these are links to other Web sites and contain information that is not published by The Hospital for Sick Children and therefore, we do not assume responsiblity for the information.