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Labatt Family Heart Centre
Labatt Family Heart Centre

Cardiac catheterization and hemodynamics manual


The objective of this manual is to educate on the fundamentals of hemodynamics and cardiac catheterization particularly as it pertains to the paediatric population. It is intended to be very practical.

Check the website often as it is being updated frequently. Some of the links may be in the process of downloading so if you don't see your link, recheck in a few days. Feedback is welcome.

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Jin Lee
Staff Cardiologist
The Labatt Family Heart Centre
The Hospital for Sick Children
Toronto, ON CANADA

Phone: 416-813-7236
Fax: 416-813-5857

Something new you might be interested in

Intracoronary nitroglycerin administration. This file will be permanently be stored under Drug Treatment subsection.

The inventory for our cath lab aka CDIU (Cardiac Diagnostic and Interventional Unit). Permanent storage for this file will be under the Equipment section of this website.

The new pulmonary vascular resistance calculator is up and running (see subsection PVRI calculator).

Pseudoaneurysm management (vascular injury). Permanent storage for this file will be under Lesion-specific protocols.


  • Endovascular stents - summary of types and properties
  • Hemodynamics and ventricular function section -- this is a priority section for development
  • More Lesion-Specific Protocols

Disclaimer Statement

The contents of this manual are intended as general guidelines. Modifications of protocols are frequently indicated to adjust to the unique clinical variations encountered in the management of congenital heart disease.


Kyong-Jin Lee
Rajiv R. Chaturvedi
Lee N. Benson

For comments please email kyong-jin.lee@sickkids.ca

Manual Contents