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Labatt Family Heart Centre
Labatt Family Heart Centre

Cardiac Imaging

Our team of cardiac imaging specialists Dr. Shi-Joon Yoo, Dr. Cathy Macdonald, Dr. Mike Seed and Dr. Christopher Lam (Interim Section Head) in the CDIU provide expertise in invasive and non-invasive imaging of the heart. Modalities include chest X-ray, angiocardiography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT).

We work in seamless collaboration with our surgical and medical colleagues in the Labatt Family Heart Centre. Excellence in patient-centered care is always our top-priority. Areas of academic focus include the pulmonary circulation, the circulation in the fetus, 3D-printing of congenitally malformed hearts as well as myocardial tissue imaging.

We offer a one- to two-year subspecialty fellowship in cardiac MRI in a high-volume imaging and surgical center. In addition, a dedicated two-year research fellowship in cardiovascular imaging is available.

To learn more about the Cardiac Imaging group please contact the interim Section Head, Dr. Christopher Lam.