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Labatt Family Heart Centre
Labatt Family Heart Centre

Principal Investigators

The Labatt Family Heart Centre unites significant interdisciplinary and interprofessional activities within Paediatric Cardiology, Cardiovascular (CV) Surgery, Cardiac Critical Care, Cardiovascular Research and Adult Congenital Heart Disease programs, thus allowing the Labatt Family Heart Centre to address the needs of patients and families from fetal life to adulthood. The Labatt Family Heart Centre at the Hospital for Sick Children promotes these activities through seamless integration of research activities, academic performance and exemplary clinical care.

Below is a list of Labatt Family Heart Centre scientists and their research interests. Clicking on a name will link to their staff profile.


Virginie Beausejour-Ladouceur: Inherited arrhythmia, arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy, genetic sequencing
Lee Benson:  Interventional cardiology, cardiomyopathies, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, heart failure, adult congenital heart disease
Rajiv Chaturvedi:  Hypoplastic left heart syndrome, cardiac catheterization
Anne Dipchand:  Transplant, heart failure, echocardiography
Andreea Dragulescu:  Echocardiography, three-dimensional echocardiography
Mark Friedberg:  Three-dimensional echocardiography
Fraser Golding:  Paediatric and fetal echocardiography
Gil Gross:  Heart rate dependent ventricular remodeling, paediatric arrhythmias, developmental aspects of cardiac myocyte repolarizing currents
Vitor Guerra:  Ventricular function, 3-D echocardiogram and vascular, fetal cardiology
Robert Hamilton:  Congenital heart block, arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy
Edgar Jaeggi:  Rhythm and conduction anomalies with a special interest in congenital heart block, prenatal programming of cardiovascular disease, prenatal therapy and interventions, new imaging tools 
Emilie Jean-St-Michel
Aamir Jeewa:  Cardiomyopathies, ventricular assist devices, myocardial recovery, pediatric heart failure and transplant outcomes
Jin Lee:  Cardiac catheterization, echocardiography
Brian McCrindle:
 Preventive cardiology, Kawasaki disease, paediatric cardiology, outcomes assessment of congenital heart disease and interventions
Luc Mertens:  Cardiac function in children with acquired and congenital heart disease
Seema Mital:  Cardiac precision medicine, next-generation sequencing, pharmacogenetics, iPS cells, heart failure and transplantation
Conall Morgan
Lynne Nield:  Fetal cardiology, structural heart disease, echocardiography, coronary artery assessment, endocardial fibroelastosis
Mike Seed:  Cardiovascular MRI, fetal cardiovascular physiology, brain development
Elizabeth Stephenson:  Cardiac resynchronization therapy, implantable defibrillator therapy, pediatric electrophysiology
Andrea Wan
Shi-Joon Yoo:  Cardiovascular MRI and fetal echocardiography

Cardiovascular Surgery: more information on this department can be found here

John Coles:  Hypertrophy and congenital heart disease, iPS cells
Christoph Haller: Regenerative medicine, Body/organ ischemia-reperfusion, aortic arch reconstruction
Ed Hickey
Osami Honjo: mechanical circulatory support for neonates and infants with single ventricle physiology

Cardiac Critical Care: more information on this department can be found here

Michael Alice Moga: patient safety, resuscitation and quality improvement
Alex Floh:  Insulin resistance and inflammation following cardiac bypass
Roxanne Kirsch: ethical issues in pediatric cardiac care
Afrothite Kotsakis:  Assessment of competency and curriculum development in critical care medicine
Mjaye Mazwi: Physiological signal analysis and phenotyping, predictive modeling
Steven Schwartz:  Metabolic consequences of cardiopulmonary bypass in children

Heart Centre Affiliated Researchers

Paul Delgado
James Ellis
Alek Hinek
CC Hui
Fred Keeley
Chris Macgowan
Cedric Manlhiot
Jason Maynes: the mechanism of anaesthetic action and off-targets, proteins involved in mitochondrial dynamics
Ian Scott: embryonic heart development, identification of novel genes for heart disease and development, zebrafish models
Steven Miller
Giles Santyr