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Embracing accessibility at our workplace

At SickKids, we are committed to ensuring that our staff, trainees, and volunteers are adhering to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and are facilitating respect for our patients and families and meeting their unique needs.

Customer service standards

Customer service standards training aims to support an inclusive environment as staff, trainees, and volunteers interact with people with disabilities.  Staff, trainees and volunteers receive training around:

  • Communicating effectively with people with disabilities
  • Accommodating the needs of people with disabilities
  • Accessing and utilizing resources in a timely manner to enhance communication (such as amplifiers, computers, interpretation services, etc.)
  • The importance of embracing excellence in customer service delivery

Integrating accessibility standards

Integrating accessibility standards throughout SickKids means that we are:

  • Creating and implementing hospital-wide accessibility policies, plans, and training
  • Improving access to employment by making the hiring process accessible, and creating accommodation and emergency response plans for staff with disabilities
  • Facilitating the safe return to work of injured or ill staff
  • Making  our information and communication accessible to patients and families with disabilities by making any new website visually accessible and providing alternate formats for documents upon request

Staff, trainees, and volunteers are also provided with ongoing learning opportunities.

Integrated Accessibility Standards Videos