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About Sickkids
About SickKids

Media relations contacts and policies

For members of the media who require more information about SickKids or would like to interview a hospital expert or patient:

Please contact Communications and Public Affairs to arrange an interview or background research conversation with a member of SickKids’ staff.

Public Affairs must be notified in advance of any on-site interviews with staff or patients. This will enable Communications and Public Affairs staff to arrange an appropriate location for media interviews or film shoots, notify the patient care areas involved, and determine the appropriate staff, patients and families for your story.

A representative from Communications and Public Affairs must accompany all reporters, film crews and photographers during their visit to the hospital.

Also see: Patient condition reports

Media contacts

Jessamine Luck

Suzanne Gold

Media inquires after hours please call, 416-813-7500 to have a member of Communications and Public Affairs paged.