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About Sickkids
About SickKids

July 4, 2019

Oh, buoy. We’ve got a new Therapeutic Clown on deck!

By: Louise Allyn Palma, Intern, Communications and Public Affairs

All the way from an island between Antarctica and the Bermuda Triangle, Pip has sailed across the ocean to join us as the newest member of our family of Therapeutic Clowns! With her sailboat docked at Outer Harbour Marina, she has made SickKids the destination for her latest adventure.

Pip has brought her friends Norbert the Oar and Gladys the Bucket along with her on her new adventure at SickKids

Although Pip does miss the sparkle of the water at sunset and fresh coconut pie made by the Sapphire Sea Turtle Squad (the sapphire sea turtles on her island), she was able to bring some loyal crew mates along! Pip is joined by her reliable bucket, Gladys, and Norbert the Oar (who moonlights as a ukulele!) She loves to create songs with new friends and Norbert by her side. Pip found Norbert shipwrecked on an island she discovered during her travels, and now he’s one of her closest friends and an irreplaceable treasure. Pip hopes to find more treasures with her clown siblings, and her new friends at SickKids!

Pip joins her siblings A. Leboo (left) and Fern (right) making silly faces in the SickKids hallways

Pip is looking forward to learning what her new friends dream about and sharing her stories about the last time she was shipwrecked! She will be surfing the halls of SickKids on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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