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About Sickkids
About SickKids


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SickKids-led group of experts proposes latest guidance for school reopening  (Wednesday, July 29, 2020)
A group of experts from across Ontario have come together to develop updated considerations for a safe school reopening amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Tandem repeats shown in the human genome
SickKids scientists discover novel genetic contributors to autism (Monday, July 27, 2020)
Breakthrough study of thousands of repetitive DNA “wrinkles” identifies previously hidden genetic alterations for the first time.
SickKids and U of T researchers demonstrate drug stimulation of neural stem cell repair may lead to promising impact on treatment of childhood brain injury in survivors of brain cancer (Monday, July 27, 2020)
New research using a common diabetes drug could one day be used to help repair brain injury in survivors of childhood brain cancer.
Government of Canada announces more than $16.5 million funding increase for SickKids-supported research facilities (Tuesday, July 21, 2020)
Researchers at SickKids and several collaborating institutions are receiving a renewed investment, which represents a combined increase of over $16.5 million, from the Major Science Initiatives (MSI) fund through the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI).
A colourful diagram shows irregularly shaped lines intersecting
SickKids researchers re-engineer toxin to attack previously “undruggable” cancer target (Friday, July 10, 2020)
Researchers at SickKids and collaborators have developed a novel anti-cancer drug protein based on diphtheria toxin and used it to slow the growth of human breast and colon cancer in the lab.

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