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About Sickkids
About SickKids


A pair of tweezers holds a very small and thin circular sheet of glass, called a grid. The grid is about the same size asa single lentil
A model for understanding disease: SickKids researchers create a first-time, high-resolution image of key enzyme from the brain (Thursday, March 12, 2020)
Researchers at SickKids have created a detailed 3D model of a key brain enzyme to allow scientists to better understand the enzyme’s structure and how it functions.
A man and woman wearing white SickKids lab coats are seated at a laboratory bench. The woman is holding a plastic flask of clear liquid.
Intestinal intelligence: understanding how tiny gut projections arise could inform new treatments (Monday, March 9, 2020)
The surface area of the human intestinal tract is approximately 430 square feet – about the size of a bachelor apartment! This surprisingly large surface area is due to the millions of tiny, finger-like projections (called villi) that line the length of the small intestine.
Meredith Irwin, headshot
Dr. Meredith Irwin appointed Chief of Paediatrics at The Hospital for Sick Children (Wednesday, March 4, 2020)
Following an extensive international search, The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) Board of Trustees and The University of Toronto’s Governing Council are pleased to announce the appointment of Meredith Irwin to the position of Chief of Paediatrics at SickKids and Chair of Paediatrics at The University of Toronto (U of T).
Rainbow coloured thumbprint on dark background
SickKids launches new five-year strategic plan (Monday, March 2, 2020)
SickKids has launched its new five-year strategic plan, SickKids 2025. Based on input from patients, families, staff and the SickKids community, the plan lays out a roadmap to achieving unprecedented outcomes powered by Precision Child Health.
Strands of DNA
Unravelling the mystery of rare diseases (Saturday, February 29, 2020)
On Friday February 28, the annual Rare Disease Day event was held at SickKids, bringing together clinicians, researchers and patient families to share information and experiences and to foster and enrich collaborations. This year's theme was "Advancing diagnosis and treatment for neurogenetic disorders."

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