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The Perspective
The Perspective

Welcome to The Perspective, a new forum where The Hospital for Sick Children’s leaders, clinicians, researchers, patients and families and other members of the SickKids community offer their unique perspectives on paediatric health-care issues which are making news.  Through The Perspective our contributors will offer their point of view on a wide range of issue that affect the health and well-being of children.

Parent with Pride
Parent with Pride (Thursday, June 13, 2019)
Jen Lockwood, Program Manager, Engagement and HR Communications in Human Resources at SickKids writes about her son’s journey with his gender identity and what it means to be a “parent with pride”
Nursing & mental health
Nursing and Mental Health: Cross-training and collaboration increases mental health care capacity across SickKids (Thursday, May 9, 2019)
In celebration of both Nursing Week and Children’s Mental Health Week, meet Alysha and Chris, two of our cross-trained nurses, as they share their perspectives on bridging medical health care and mental health care.
Link to perspective on Purple Day
Finding my voice: My epilepsy diagnosis (Tuesday, March 26, 2019)
It’s Purple Day – Kiren Gill, Sr. Communications Specialist at SickKids provides a perspective on what it was like to be diagnosed with Epilepsy as a teen.
Rare Diseases
How a new SickKids fellowship is using collaboration to better understand paediatric rare diseases (Thursday, February 28, 2019)
A Perspective from Dr. Laurence Gauquelin, paediatric neurologist and the first clinical fellow in Advanced Genomics in Paediatric Rare Disease in the Centre for Genetic Medicine at SickKids.
Canada's Food Guide
Three takes on Canada’s new food guide (Friday, February 8, 2019)
Dr. Lennox Huang, Chief Medical Officer and Vice President, Medical and Academic Affairs, Daina Kalnins, Director of Clinical Dietetics, and Mary McAllister, Associate Chief of Nursing, sat down to give their unique perspectives on the new food guide released January 2019.
Mental Health thumbnail
Celebrating two years of SickKids and SickKids CCMH working together to strengthen the children’s mental health continuum of care (Friday, February 1, 2019)
We are proud of the SickKids CCMH focus on improving access and quality of care and we are especially proud of the efforts of our staff and physicians to be part of what is not just a SickKids commitment, but an effort by our colleagues across the children’s mental health sector to improve services for kids.