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Knowledge Translation
Knowledge Translation

Knowledge Translation

What is Knowledge Translation? 

Knowledge translation (KT), knowledge exchange, diffusion and mobilization are all terms that have been used to describe the complex set of activities involved in advancing knowledge generated from research into effective changes in health policy or practice.

About the Program

The KT Program at SickKids supports knowledge transfer, exchange, dissemination and implementation activities across SickKids and in the surrounding knowledge communities through KT training, consultation, and tool and resource development.

The KT Team

Srdjana Filipovic, MSc, PhD

Program Manager, Knowledge Translation 

416-813-7654 Ext. 228189

Melanie Barwick, PhD, CPsych

Senior Scientist, Child Health Evaluative Sciences

416-813-7654 Ext. 301085

Andrea Chiaramida, BA

Administrative Assistant, Child Health Evaluative Sciences

Kelly Warmington, MEd, PMP

Manager, Learning Institute

Kelly McMillen, MBA

Director, Learning Institute

Our Role in Learning

The KT Program partners with other Learning Institute programs, the Research Institute, Communications & Public Affairs, health care providers, SickKids International, external collaborators and many others to improve child health based on research and experiential evidence.

Formal KT training and other educational opportunities help staff share research findings, implement new practices and programs, learn from one another, foster communication and improve collaboration skills.  The program hosts three training workshops for internal and external participants, the Specialist Knowledge Translation Training™ (SKTT) workshop, the Knowledge Translation Professional Certificate™ (KTPC) and the Planning for Implementation Practice™ (PIP)  workshop. The Program also provides KT tools and resources.

Join our Communication List

If you would like to receive email notifications about upcoming training sessions, KT resources and KT opportunities, email srdjana.filipovic@sickkids.ca

Training Opportunities

Specialist Knowledge Translation Training™ (SKTT)

Knowledge Translation Professional Certificate™ (KTPC) 

Planning for Implementation Practice™ (PIP)


KTPC Casebook

eLearning Modules

Knowledge Translation Planning Template©

KT Plan Appraisal Tool

KT Plan Companion Tool

The KT Game©

Knowledge Translation Stories

Plain Language Checklist


Contact Us

Srdjana Filipovic
Program Manager, Knowledge Translation
Education Resource Group, Learning Institute
Email: srdjana.filipovic@sickkids.ca
phone: (416) 813 - 7654 ext. 228189