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The role of the Department of Pharmacy is to provide pharmaceutical care to patients; to contribute to the development of excellent paediatric practitioners through the provision of education programs; and to pursue research which directly enhances patient care.

The pharmacy utilizes a computerized unit dose system to provide inpatient and ambulatory clinic services. In addition to intravenous admixtures and a total nutrition program, there is an extensive manufacturing service that specializes in the many different dosage forms essential to pediatric practice. Pharmacy services are offered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Clinical pharmacy services, utilizing the pharmaceutical care model, are provided by teams of pharmacists who function on the nursing units as part of the interdisciplinary effort. The pharmacy also provides a comprehensive therapeutic drug monitoring service, and an important resource for evidence-based use of medications through the drug information service.

Education and learning

This section contains information about the education and learning opportunities available in Pharmacy. Including: Paediatrics for Pharmacy Professionals Conference and Residency Program.

SickKids Drug Handbook and Formulary

The Hospital for Sick Children's Drug Handbook and Formulary includes extensive information on drug selection, dosage guidelines for neonates, infants, and older children, and guidelines for drug usage and monitoring.