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About the Institute

By the numbers


The SickKids Research Institute invests in high-impact discovery and innovation that is leading breakthroughs in child health research.

Research Institute Funding 2018-19

Total funding: $245.5 million

  • Research Grants and Awards – 65%
  • SickKids Foundation – 33%
  • Industry Partnerships & Commercialization Income – 2%

Total expenditure: $259.4 million

  • External Grant Funded Costs – 28%
  • Internal Costs – 72%

Major sources of funding (over $1M):

  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research - $39.0M
  • Canada Foundation for Innovation - $22.1M
  • Miscellaneous - $23.2
  • Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade - $8.4M
  • National Institutes of Health - $8.0M
  • Genome Canada - $6.9M
  • Tri-agency Institutional Programs Secretariat - Federal Indirect - $6.8M
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - $4.5M
  • Tri-agency Institutional Programs Secretariat - CRC Program - $4.0M
  • Canada First Research Excellence Fund -$2.6M
  • Brain Canada Foundation - $2.6M
  • Ontario Institute for Cancer Research - $2.3M
  • The Terry Fox Research Institute - $2.0M
  • Ontario Brain Institute - $1.9M
  • Luminex Molecular Diagnostics - $1.8M
  • American Association for Cancer Research - $1.7M
  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada - $1.5M
  • Cystic Fibrosis Canada - $1.4M
  • Ontario Genomics - $1.4M
  • Canadian Cancer Society - $1.1M
  • University of Toronto - $1.0M
  • GlaxoSmithKline Inc. - $1.0M

Learn more about Research Institute funding in the SickKids Annual Report.


Total staff: 1,642

  • 263 Scientists
  • 360 Project Investigators and Team Investigators
  • 655 Research staff (primarily grant funded)
  • 206 Research Operations staff
  • 158 Core Facilities research staff

Total research trainees: 1,076

  • 258 Research fellows
  • 546 Research graduate students
  • 272 Research summer students

More on funding

The SickKids Research Institute’s financial support is provided by a variety of sources. Successful philanthropy by the SickKids Foundation is the primary component supporting the operations of the institute including scientists’ and staff salaries.

SickKids researchers have a strong record of success in obtaining peer-reviewed grants. These grants provide approximately 70 per cent of the Research Institute budget. In addition we have established partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, government agencies and non-profit foundations. These include infrastructure grants from organizations such as Canada Foundation for Innovation and the Ontario Research Fund, as well as from and operating grants from major funding agencies including Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Genome Canada, and leading disease-focused agencies and foundations.

MaRS Innovation through SickKids' Industry Partnerships and Commercialization works to establish partnerships with individuals and companies to facilitate the knowledge transfer and commercialization of our discoveries and technologies, into products and programs that result in social and economic benefit.

For a more detailed breakdown of SickKids funding sources, please refer to our most recent Annual Report, or past Annual Reports.