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About the Institute

About the Institute

Photo of SickKids Research Institute at 686 Bay Street in downtown Toronto

The SickKids Research Institute is Canada’s largest, hospital-based child health research institute. Our commitment is to improve the health of children, here in Canada and in the global community.

Our history is one of research innovation. The Research Institute was founded in 1954 with the belief that innovation was critical to the hospital’s mission to improve child health. We share the SickKids vision of Healthier Children. A Better World.

Our values are research excellence and integrity and our strength is collaboration. We have created an environment where top researchers and health care experts work closely together as a team to improve children’s health.


  • Advancement of child health through global leadership in innovation, research and discovery.
  • Translation of research knowledge to benefit children and families everywhere.

Our research is supported by the generosity of donors who contribute to SickKids Foundation, as well as government agencies, non-profit foundations and companies and organizations that share our goals of improving child health outcomes.


Housed in the Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning, the SickKids Research Institute community includes approximately 2,000 staff including:

  • 256 scientists;
  • approximately 1,150 trainees, including graduate students, research fellows and summer students;
  • visiting scientists;
  • laboratory technologists;
  • administrative assistants; and
  • other professional and support staff.

Our research ranges from basic discovery research all the way to clinical care and is supported by state-of-the-art expertise, technologies and facilities.

Our research activities are coordinated under seven major research programs, which range from basic science at the sub-molecular level, to organ systems, to population health. The seven programs cover the spectrum of child health from wellness and normal development to causes of diseases, diagnostics, treatments and therapies. Through these programs we cohesively and collaboratively bring together the more than 1,600 funded research projects and these internationally competitive and highly integrated research activities approach child health from all angles and disciplines.

Our scientists collaborate on hospital-wide interdisciplinary projects focusing on molecular therapies, cancer, brain, genetics, organs and chronic diseases and health care policies and practice. To support their research we provide our scientists with access to research expertise, state-of-the art equipment, technologies and services provided by core facilities and other resources.