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Nanoscale Biomedical Imaging Facility


Tecnai T20 TEM

FEI Tecnai 20 TEM: This transmission electron microscope with Lab6 electron gun can provide structural, chemical, and crystallographic information with sub nanometer resolution. It is equipped with a 4K CCD Orius Gatan camera and it operates at high tensions from 100kV up to 200kV. We provide services for routine cell biology and negative staining imaging. T20 is also used for Immuno-gold electron microscopy and electron diffraction analysis. Montage feature of the Gatan camera enables large field screening of the specimen.  





Philips SEM XL30

FEI XL30 SEM: This scanning electron microscope operates as a standard high vacuum SEM. It is equipped with  a backscatter electron detector for bone and mineral analysis








Philips CM10 TEM: A 100kV Lab6 filament transmission electron microscope used for screening biological specimen. This TEM is equipped with a 4K Gatan Orius CCD camera.








High Pressure Freezer


Leica EM ICE High Pressure Freezer: It vitrifies the aqueous samples under high pressure of over 2000 bar using a jet of liquid nitrogen. The precise millisecond operation preserves the ultra structure at nanometer scale.   







Freeze substitute

Leica Freeze Substitute:  This technique allows cryo-fixation and processing of frozen specimen. Dehydration and embedding can be done at progressive low temperature and curing the resin using UV light. 








Sputter coater

Leica EM ACE: Sputter coater is used to deposit thin layer of gold, platinum, or carbon on SEM samples or TEM grids. The in-situ quartz sensor monitors the film thickness with 1nm resolution.









Leica UC7: Ultramicrotome is used to cut thin and semi-thin sections of resin embedded specimen. Diamond knife can cut sections as thin as 30 nm. Serial sectioning is also available as part of our service.