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Nanoscale Biomedical Imaging Facility

High-throughput data collection

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The Titan Krios microscope is intended for high resolution structure determination for samples that have already been screened at other facilities. The Krios provides state-of-the-art high resolution imaging that can extend resolution from 4 to 6 Å to 2 to 4 Å. It does not provide an advantage for obtaining structures at less than 4 Å resolution and it is not suitable for screening samples.

Please note: by using the Titan Krios you agree to include acknowledge "the Toronto High Resolution High Throughput cryo-EM facility, supported by the Canada Foundation for Innovation and Ontario Research Fund" (verbatim to allow tracking).

Please provide the following information in a single PDF file (less than 20 MB) to john.rubinstein@utoronto.ca.

Section A

  • User name
  • Principal Investigator's name
  • Institution: SickKids, UHN, Uof T, LTRI, Other (please name)
  • Sample name and details

Section B

  • Please describe where/how initial screening was done (Microscope, camera, pixel size, exposure and exposure rate).
  • How many particle images were obtained from each micrograph?
  • Please attach a sample micrograph

Section C

  • Please describe how initial processing was done (software, preprocessing details, number of micrograph, number of particle images used, FSC calculation details)
  • Please attach images of initial 3D map and FSC curve

  A fillable Titan Krios Use Application PDF form can be downloaded for your convenience

Services and Rates

Users Krios microscope price / day (*)
Internal users (SickKids/UofT/UHN/Mt. Sinai) with funding higher than $150K $785
Internal users (SickKids/UofT/UHN/Mt. Sinai) with funding less than $150K $535
External $2,035
Industrial $6,035
Consumables Price
One Autogrid (**) $30
Liquid nitrogen/day $35

* Price decreases after 10 days
** A minimum of four autogrids are required for data collection


Photo of Krios G3



The Krios G3 is a 300 kV Cryo Transmission Electron Microscope (Cryo-TEM) for imaging macromolecules embedded in vitreous ice. It is equipped with an autoloader (a cryogenic sample manipulation robot) and designed for automated data collection.

Bookings and inquiries

  • All users must submit a proposal (Titan krios usage application) to demonstrate that their speciman is ready for high-resolution data collection. The proposal should include a Cryo-EM image and preliminary structure.
  • Users with approved proposals should contact Samir Benlekbir to book time for high-throughput data collection.
  • The Krios must be operated with the assistance of the microscope manager.
  • To keep track of the productivity of the facility, please acknowledge (in your manuscript verbatim)

    "Toronto High-Resolution High-Throughput cryo-EM facility, supported by the Canada Foundation for Innovation and Ontario Research Fund."

Contact info:

Dr. Samir Benlekbir
The Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute
Peter Gilgan Centre for Research & Learning
686 Bay Street, Room 06-9621
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5G 0A4

Laboratory (20th floor, 209400T): (+001) 416-813-7654 ext. 306154
High-Throughput cryo-EM Facility (6th floor, 069730): (+001) 416-813-7654 ext. 309001
Cell (+001) 647-702-6094