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Facilities and Resources

Research Institute Equipment Database

Welcome to the Research Institute Equipment Database – a searchable catalogue of over 3000 research equipment available at SickKids designed to encourage resource and knowledge sharing and to foster collaborations between researchers.

Click here to search the Research Institute Equipment Database

Tips to use this tool:

  • Search equipment by keywords.  i.e. cell counter, microscope, cryostat, etc.
  • Further filtering, will refine your search, can be done via
    • By Floor
    • By Program
  • After filtering by floor or program, press "Update Search".
  • Important:  Always request permission from the primary contact by emailing.
  • Database is updated periodically and maintained by the RI.
  • For a comprehensive search result (eg. full equipment by floor, PI, lab, etc.), please contact Nancy Silva-Gagliardi or Craig Urekar for more information.