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Healthy Weight Program

Yummy Recipes

Welcome to the Yummy Recipes’ corner of the Healthy Weight Program! Healthy eating is something the whole family can take part in together. Encourage everyone in the family to get involved in grocery shopping, menu planning, and helping out in the kitchen. If you are a parent, let children be a part of the process so it’s easier for them to go along with things. If you are a kid or teen, take charge and be the one who picks which new vegetable to try this week or make a healthy side dish for the family to enjoy. Family participation is key to building a healthier lifestyle!  

What’s for dinner at your house tonight? We hope to inspire everyone to get cooking and having the whole family eating better. Let our yummy recipes motivate you and your family to try something new! In this section, you will find healthy ways to make your most loved comfort foods and find new favourites that will get your taste buds watering. Bon appetit!

Appetizing Appetizers

Smart Dinners

Sensational Soups and Salads

Delicious Desserts

Invigorating Vegetarian Dishes

Wholesome Breads and Grains

Pleasing Pasta

Shopping list and Tips

 *Recipes provided from the Heart Niagara Inc. “Cooking with Heart” cookbook. Visit http://heartniagara.com for more information on Heart Niagara and the Healthy Heart Schools’ program.