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Participating in clinical research at SickKids


At SickKids we work hard to understand how to keep children healthy, and how to make them better when they become ill. We need volunteers – both healthy children and children living with health challenges. If you are interested in knowing about studies going on at SickKids or are interested in volunteering, the link below will take you to a database, where families, patients and health care providers can search for clinical research studies conducted at SickKids.

Clinical research includes any study involving human subjects. It can include studies that aim to better understand:

  • how the body works,
  • how diseases affect different people.

Research studies can involve:

  • sets of questions,
  • aptitude tests to understand learning,
  • exercise tests that explore how the heart, lungs and body work,
  • blood tests to compare healthy immune systems to blood samples from children with diseases or cancers that damage how the immune system functions,
  • pictures of the brain and body in order to learn about normal structure and function.

New studies will constantly be added to this database. If you can’t find what you are looking for, we invite you to bookmark this page and visit us again in a few months.

SickKids gratefully acknowledges the Children's Hospital Boston for making the Research4kids database available under the terms of an open source license agreement.