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Sharpe Lab


lab equipment

500 MHz NB Varian NMR System

Our primary tool: the console has 3 rf channels, 800W high frequency amplifier, 1 kW mid and low amps, magic angle spinning, variable temperature operation.

This spectrometer is dedicated for solids use, and is available full-time for members of the Sharpe Lab.

Probes available include 3.2 mm HXY MAS, HXY BioMAS, HXY BioStatic (coming soon), and H/F/X MAS (coming Fall 2007), providing capabilities for double and triple-resonance static and MAS experiments on all biologically relevant nuclei.


Biochemistry Laboratory

We have a fully equipped wet lab for molecular biology, protein expression, peptide synthesis and purification. Facilities are readily available for circular dichroism, fluorescence, ultracentrifugation and electron microscopy. Solution NMR, STEM, X-ray, and many other experimental capabilities also exist within the department.