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Karen Simonetti - Technician

Karen Simonetti - Technician

Karen has an MSc in biological sciences from Purdue University, and joined the lab in 2006. Applying her skills in electron microscopy, molecular biology and protein biochemistry, she is working on several projects including the expression of viral ion channels for NMR studies, and the characterization of oligomeric states of prions.

Dave Davidson - PhD student

Dave Davidson - PhD student (2007-)

Dave attended Queen’s University, where he obtained both a BSc (Hons) and an MSc in biochemistry. In the Sharpe lab, his research focuses on pore-forming proteins found in HIV and other viruses. His research involves the use of ITC, solid state NMR and other biophysical characterization methods. Aside from research, Dave enjoys all things mechanical, and also has a keen taste for whisky.

Patrick Walsh - MSc student

Patrick Walsh - MSc student (2007-)

Patrick has his BSc (Hons) in biochemistry from the University of Windsor. Currently, he is working on characterizing the structure and membrane interactions of a short peptide of the human prion protein- PrP (106-126). Among other methods, he utilizes solid state NMR and electron microscopy for his structural studies. For leisure, Patrick likes playing drums and guitar and also enjoys the occasional dram of single malt scotch.

Liyang (Stella) Liu - Human Biology 4th year project student

An undergraduate in the Laboratory Medicine and Pathology program at the University of Toronto, Stella is developing cell free expression methods for producing milligram quantities of viroporins (specifically the p7 protein from Hepatitis C virus) for structural studies by solid state NMR.

Shuang (Sammi) Wang - Biochemistry 4th year project student 

A Biochemistry specialist at the University of Toronto, Sammi is working with Dave Davidson on expressing peptide constructs of the HIV-1 Vpu protein for structure/function studies of channel mutants.

Anatoli Chkaroubo - undergraduate student

Anatoli Chkaroubo - undergraduate student

A pharmacy student at the University of Toronto, Anatoli is using solid-phase synthesis to prepare model self-assembling peptides based on human elastin, which are then characterized by a variety of biophysical methods.

Simon Sharpe - Scientist/Assistant Professor
See Bio and Publications for details of my scientific career. When not in the lab, I prefer to be cycling, skiing, cooking, hiking, or running with my dog.