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Bagli Lab

Research opportunities

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Darius Bägli’s urology laboratory is located at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) Research Institute. SickKids is a world leader in both basic science and clinical research. The Research Institute and the Research Training Centre encourage and support training of post-doctoral fellows, graduate students and summer students through workshops seminars and training programs.

The Bägli Lab is focused on the study of obstructive bladder disease as well as uropathogenic E. coli. We are focused on finding novel therapeutic approaches to these diseases, involving both stem cell regeneration of bladder tissue, and manipulation of existing bladder cells towards a more normal phenotype. Our cystitis work involves finding novel therapeutic targets by investigating epigenetic changes due to infection. Our easy-going affable work atmosphere allows for a highly productive and collaborative group.

Please address all applications for research positions and enquiries to Dr. Darius Bägli at SickKids.

Post-doctoral Research

Candidates are encouraged to apply for postdoctoral funding to the Kidney Foundation, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)or other agencies. Candidates with a strong background in innate immunity, epigenetics, stem cells, mechanical stress, or smooth muscle are encouraged to apply. Please send curriculum vitae and names of three referees to Dr. Darius Bägli at SickKids.

Graduate Research

Potential graduate students are encouraged to apply to the Institute of Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto. Please contact Dr. Darius Bägli at SickKids if interested.

Undergraduate Research

Fourth year undergraduate thesis courses, and summer studentships are available in our lab. We have had successful and productive placements for both summer students and thesis students. Please contact Dr. Darius Bägli at SickKids if interested.