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iPOG Network

About the iPOG Network


Discussion within the paediatric oncology clinical practice guideline community started in 2013 regarding the need for a network. The iPOG Network was officially formalized in January 2015.


  • Goal: That every child receiving cancer treatment or undergoing bone marrow transplant receives the best known supportive care.
  • Vision: To optimize the quality of life of all children receiving cancer treatment and undergoing bone marrow transplant by accelerating the development and incorporation of evidence regarding the supportive care of these children into international standards of care. The iPOG Network believes that trustworthy clinical practice guidelines are an ideal tool to achieve this vision.

Current members

All who are developing or endorsing supportive care clinical practice guidelines in paediatric oncology are welcome. Please contact Lee Dupuis or Wim Tissing to indicate your interest in the iPOG Network.

The iPOG Network currently includes representatives from:



Representatives of member organizations meet by teleconference monthly and in person once a year. Members of the iPOG Network working groups meet by teleconference monthly.


Funding to support the work of the iPOG Network is generously provided by the Garron Family Cancer Centre at SickKids. The activities of the iPOG Network are not directed or influenced by the funding agency.


Have questions? To learn more about the iPOG Network, email the Co-Directors of the iPOG Network Lee Dupuis (RPh, ACPR, FCSHP, PhD) and Wim Tissing (MD, PhD).