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Child Health Policy Accelerator 

The SickKids Child Health Policy Accelerator is Canada’s first hospital-based applied child and youth health and social policy initiative. It aims to close the gap between what we know is effective in optimizing the well-being of children and youth, and what we do to attend to the needs of young people in the provincial and federal public policy space.  

The Child Health Policy Accelerator is designed to:

  • enable change by leveraging the expertise, resources, and reputation of SickKids to enable clear and focused policy objectives designed to deliver positive evidence-based change for children and youth in Canada, and; 
  • train the next generation of change-makers through formal instruction, project-based consultation and longitudinal advocacy experiences for current and future maternal and child health leaders.  

The Child Health Policy Accelerator employs a structured and rigorous process to set policy objectives. Comprehensive strategies are developed and applied to each area of focus, ensuring a high-impact approach to equitable, evidence-based policy change.  

Supporting Precision Child Health  

Aligned with the Precision Child Health movement, the Child Health Policy Accelerator will pair new discoveries and groundbreaking research with advocacy to advance evidence-based precision policy across Canada.  

Key collaborators  

Thoughtful collaborations with leading individuals and organizations will fuel the Child Health Policy Accelerator.

This work is generously supported by SickKids Foundation and the LCBO.  

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