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Health Equity: Your Health Matters  

Health equity means that every person has a fair opportunity to receive the same high-quality care regardless of their social and demographic differences.   

What to expect

When you arrive at SickKids, you may be asked questions related to your ethnicity, gender, income and more. This is part of a health equity data collection initiative called Health Equity: Your Health Matters. The answers you provide to these questions help improve the quality of health care for you and everyone at SickKids, and also helps us understand the unique you. 

Why it matters

With your support, we will learn about health care equity gaps and create programs and services to ensure we are providing the best care to all our patients. None of the information you tell us can hurt the care you receive at SickKids, but can only help us understand you and your unique needs. Any information you give us will appear in your chart. SickKids will treat it with respect and use it to improve care for patients and families now and in the future. Learn more about how we use your information 


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More information

Visit Public Health Ontario's Health Equity page or watch this video from the Public Health Agency of Canada for more on this topic.

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