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G Tube Pre-Insertion Assessment Clinic

Held virtually on Zoom
Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

About the Clinic

Our consults are primarily held virtually over Zoom and can take up to two hours. Primary caregivers, patients along with other members of the patient’s team are welcome to join. The goal of the clinic is to support patients and families through the decision-making process about primary feeding tube placement. A comprehensive review of the patient’s medical, nutrition, feeding and social history helps answer the following questions in order to arrive to and support the decision: 

  • Is the patient an appropriate candidate for a gastrostomy (G) or gastrojejunostomy (GJ) tube? What are the indications? What would be the benefits of a feeding tube for the patient and family? Do the benefits outweigh the risks of tube placement?
  • Is it safe to proceed with a G tube? What are the risks? Can the risks be mitigated? Is anesthesia a risk?
  • Is it technically possible to proceed with a G tube insertion in IGT? Is there anything that might interfere with access to the stomach during placement?
  • Do families want a G tube for their child? Does a feeding tube meet not only the patient’s needs, but align with the family’s life, and values?

During the consult with the G Tube team, you will discuss the procedure, its benefits and risks, and alternatives. With the support of the health-care team and the G Tube consult service, you will decide if you would like to proceed with a G or GJ tube for your child. Resources are available to help you make the decision.

If the decision is made to proceed with primary G or GJ tube placement and consent is obtained, the child is placed on a waitlist. The IGT booking team manages G or GJ primary tube insertion procedure appointments. The placement of a primary G or GJ tube is done under general anesthesia.

For more information about decision making and to learn about the patient journey, see the video “The G/GJ Tube Decision

What to Expect During Your Visit

Consults are completed virtually. Please ensure you have access to a device (i.e., laptop, phone) and the internet. You will be emailed the Zoom Healthcare link prior to the appointment but can also access the link via MyChart. Ensure that Zoom has been updated to the latest version on your device before the appointment.

You will be asked about your child’s medical and feeding history, as well as discuss different types of feeding tubes, the risks and benefits of tube insertion. If you should proceed with primary G or GJ tube insertion, a consent to proceed with the procedure will be done during the consult. Consults can take upwards of two hours. Please ensure you have planned for that length of time.

Referral information

  • Access the “EpicCare Link” through the eCHN website. Learn more about registering for EpicCare Link on Refer a Patient.
  • Select “Paediatric Medicine Consultation”.
  • Select “G/GJ tube Pre-Insertion Assessment” under the “problems” question in the referral.

Please note: Fax referrals are not accepted.


Referrals to outpatient clinics are via EpicCare, a part of eCHN.

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