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Image Guided Therapy (IGT) Clinic

170 Elizabeth St., Atrium, 2nd Floor

About the Clinic

At the Image Guided Therapy (IGT) Clinic, patient families can meet with IGT staff to thoroughly discuss the details of potential procedures in order to make an informed decision about their child's care. The clinic provides pre-procedure planning and communication with the child and their family.  

In the IGT department, over 6,000 patients are seen annually. Over time, as new technologies and procedures evolved, it was felt that families would benefit from having an opportunity to discuss with the IGT staff the procedures, its pros and cons, in an unhurried fashion to make the best, informed decision for their child. In 2004, the IGT clinic was created with its main objective to provide pre-procedure planning and direct communication with the child and their family. Most patients seen in the IGT Clinic are outpatients. Positive outcomes from the consultation include optimizing quality, efficiency and thorough patient care with improved workflow.

Which patients are seen in the clinic?

  • Arteriovenous (AV) fistula closure patients
  • Biopsy patients (ie. Bone, Kidney, Liver, Lung, Thyroid)
  • Bone ablation patients
  • Botox injection patients for drooling
  • Botox injection patients for muscles spasticity
  • Cases that involve multiple services
  • Cecostomy tube insertion patients
  • Complex care children (i.e.; with rare or multiple health issues)
  • Family Requests
  • G/GJ-Tube insertion patients and tube resiting patients
  • High risk patients or high risk procedures
  • Pulmonary Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) patients for treatment
  • Referrals from outside the hospital (i.e.; Renal Angioplasty)
  • Unusual cases
  • Varicocele patients for embolization
  • Vascular Anomalies Clinic patients during active treatment

Pre-appointment Instructions

Important pre-appointment instructions: 

Some patients may require other tests before their IGT Clinic appointment (i.e., up-to-date imaging).  If this is necessary, you will be notified and arrangements will be made. 

Most of our requests are also pre-screened and families may get a call prior to their consultation to discuss whether their child will need general anesthesia, local anesthesia, or nurse-provided sedation to keep them comfortable and calm during the procedure. This decision is based on your child's overall health and the type of procedure being performed. 


The IGT Clinic is located on the second floor of the Atrium. Take the Atrium elevators to the second floor and look for the IGT sign, which will lead you to the IGT registration desk. 

What to Expect During Your Visit

The clinic nurse performs a health assessment on your child, which includes checking their vital signs (temperature, pulse rate and breathing rate, blood pressure) and weight. You and your child are provided with a detailed description of the procedure and an overview of your child’s expected course in the hospital. If your child requires general anesthesia or nurse-provided sedation, fasting guidelines will be reviewed. If other consultations are needed, families will be notified. The interventional radiologist discusses the risks and benefits of the procedure, answers any questions or concerns you may have related to it, and obtains consent at this time. 

In total, the clinic appointment will take about 60 minutes, depending on wait times. 

After your visit

Patients that are discharged home on the same day as their procedure may receive a follow-up call 24-48 hours from the IGT Clinic nurse. If there is no answer, a message will be left with contact information that can be used if required. These calls are an opportunity for the nurse to evaluate the patient’s physical and emotional recovery after the procedure. As well, the clinic welcomes any input about all aspects of the family’s and patient’s hospital experience. The data gathered from the clinic has proved to be a useful tool in continuing to provide optimal patient care and in shaping the treatment of future patients. 

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Coming to a clinic appointment

It's important to come prepared and be on time for a clinic appointment. Visit Coming for Clinic Appointments to read appointment guidelines that are applicable for most clinical appointments at SickKids.

You’ll find information on how to prepare and what to bring, what to do if you/your child are sick before your appointment or you need to cancel,  and important things to know about the SickKids philosophy.

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