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SickKids Team Obesity Management Program (STOMP)

170 Elizabeth St., Room 5255, Black Wing, 5th Floor

About the Clinic

We are a 2-year, family-based program focusing on healthy living for youth ages 6 months to 17 years with complex obesity. We know that 'ideal weight' doesn't usually equal 'best weight' which means we support you to set realistic, sustainable goals that allow you to enjoy life. Through a combination of group sessions and individual appointments with team members, we help you and your family make healthy choices that affect nutrition, physical activity and overall health. Our program uses treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing, and family therapy. These involve learning more about how your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours are linked, as well as how to improve overall family functioning and increase healthy living practices. 

We also have an Early Years Program in partnership with Toronto Public Health for children 6 months to 5 years

Pre-appointment Instructions

Coming prepared:  

When you are booked for your intake assessment, you will be informed if you will need blood work or testing when you come for your visit. If it is fasting, you will need to make sure you do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your appointment. If you are on any medications, please bring a list and any other relevant documentation such as psychoeducational assessments etc. We recommend bringing a snack and some water.


Our clinic is located on the 5th floor, Black Wing, which is on the University Avenue side of the hospital. You will spot a ‘Healthy Living’ sign hanging in the hallway right outside our waiting room and registration desk, located in room 5255. 

What to Expect During Your Visit

If you are here for an intake assessment, you will be meeting with one of our doctors, a nurse practitioner, a psychologist, a dietitian, a social worker, and an exercise therapist. The assessment will take four hours and will consist of individual appointments with each team member. After the assessment is complete, you will have a brief feedback session with one of our Mental Health Team members to discuss your next steps within the program. You will also be given consent forms and questionnaires to complete before you leave for the day. You will receive a letter shortly after your initial visit with us that summarizes who you met with and a proposed plan of care with next steps.

More information: 

Visit Healthy Living & Weight Management

Coming to a clinic appointment

It's important to come prepared and be on time for a clinic appointment. Visit Coming for Clinic Appointments to read appointment guidelines that are applicable for most clinical appointments at SickKids.

You’ll find information on how to prepare and what to bring, what to do if you/your child are sick before your appointment or you need to cancel,  and important things to know about the SickKids philosophy.

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