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Retrieve Banked Cell Line

Lab area
Genome Diagnostics - Clinical Fibroblast Service
Expected turn-around time
4 weeks
Specimen requirements

Request for Banked Cell lines should include cell line ID#/Order # and receipients details.

  • Each sample must be accompanied by a completed SickKids Clinical Fibroblast Service Requisition form, signed by the Clinician requesting the retrieval and sendout.

  • Sendout information must be provided on the requisition with the appropriate approvals submitted when necessary.


Background and clinical significance
  • The Clinical Fibroblast Service (CFS) is a biorepository service that establishes, banks and distributes fibroblast cell lines, primarily for diagnostic testing.
  •  It operates with the oversight of the Cytogenetics Laboratory in the Division of Genome Diagnostics, Department of Paediatric Laboratory Medicine.
  • Fibroblast cell lines are generated from fresh tissue biopsies. All cell lines are presently processed and stored according to current standards of best practices for biorepositories.
  • Research specimens must be accompanied by the approved, current Research Ethics Board (REB) protocol and relevant signed patient consent form.
  • All requests must be accompanied by a signed requisition completed appropriately for the required service(s).
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