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Fungal PCR

Alternate test name

Fungus, Fungal Infections, Aspergillosis, Zygomycosis (Mucormycosis), Histoplasmosis, Blastomycosis, Coccidioidomycosis

Gene name / Alternate gene name

ITS-2 (Internal transcribed spacer region) rRNA gene

Lab area
Microbiology - Molecular
Method and equipment
Polymerase Chain Reaction followed by DNA sequence analysis
Expected turn-around time
Within 14 days
Specimen type
  • Fresh clinical specimen - tissue/biopsy, sterile body fluids. 
  • Fixed/paraffin embedded specimen (block, not curls)


Specimen requirements
  • Sterile screw top container for fresh clinical specimen.  Please send report with fungal stain results
  • For fixed/paraffin embedded block, please send pathology report and fungal stain slides with specimen


Storage and transportation
  • Fresh specimen should be shipped on wet or dry ice
  • Room temperature for fixed/paraffin embedded specimen


Special requirements
  • Only fungal stain positive (GMS or calcolfuor) specimens will be processed.  Specimens without accompanying fungal stain results will be rejected.
  • Acceptable specimen types:
    • fresh specimen i.e. tissue biopsy, sterile body fluids (Various)** - must send copy of report with fungal stain results.
    • formalin fixed or paraffin block specimens - must send slides (H&E, GMS, PAS) and copy of Pathology report along with specimen.
Shipping information
Disease condition
  • Invasive fungal infections


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