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Karyotype, GTG-banding - Blood

Alternate test name

Chromosome Analysis


Gene name / Alternate gene name
  • All chromosomes
Lab area
Genome Diagnostics - Cytogenetics
Method and equipment
3 day PHA-stimulated thymidine-synchronized culture; G-banding
Expected turn-around time
Routine - 4 weeks. Newborns or expedite cases - 5-9 working days.
Specimen type

Peripheral blood

Specimen requirements

Blood at room temperature in sodium heparin
Volume: 0-3 months  1-3 mL
                3 months-12 years: 3-6 mL
                12 years - adult: 6 mL

Storage and transportation

Maintain at room temperature. Do not refrigerate or freeze.

Special requirements

Collect in sodium heparin tube.

Shipping information
Background and clinical significance

Cytogenetic disorders are present in nearly 1% of live births. Indications for chromosome analysis include aneuploidy syndromes, endocrine disorders, query mosaicism, multiple miscarriages, and infertility.

Disease condition

Constitutional chromosome disorders, including aneuploidy, chromosome rearrangements, and mosaicism

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