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Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH) - Tumour (Fresh/FFPE)

Alternate test name

Tumour FISH tests include the following (testing will be based on indication):

Lymphoma: Burkitt - MYC, IGH/MYC

Lyphoma: Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma - ALK

Other Lymphoma - IR4/DUSP22, BCL6, IGH/BCL2, IGH/CCND1, TCRa/d

Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma - FOXO1

Aneurysmal bone cyst - USP6

Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans - PDGFB

Ewing’s tumours - EWSR1

Infantile fibrosarcoma - TEL(ETV6)

Liposarcoma - CHOP, FUS

Nodular fasciitis - USP6

NUTM1-rearranged neoplasia - NUTM1


Retinoblastoma - RB1

Rhabdoid - SMARCB1

Synovial sarcoma - SYT

Undifferentiated sarcoma - CIC


Nervous system tumours

Astrocytoma - BRAF

Ependymoma - RELA

Medulloblastoma - NMYC, CMYC, MYB/Centromere 6

Neuroblastoma - NMYC, 1p36

Oligodendroglioma - 1p36/1q25 & 19q13/19p13


Other solid tumour - CDKN2A, PTEN, ATM, TP53, Whole chromosome paints, Chromosome enumeration

Lab area
Genome Diagnostics - Cytogenetics
Method and equipment
Direct preparation and culture; FISH (Fluorescence in situ hybridization)
FFPE (Paraffin) FISH (Fluorescence in situ hybridization)
Expected turn-around time
2-5 days (fresh tissue); 2 weeks (FFPE tissue)
Specimen type


Specimen requirements

Minimum 2-3 mm3 fresh tissue  (fresh biopsy samples)

FFPE - minimum of two 4 micron slides

Storage and transportation

Fresh tumour - refrigerate until time of shipment. Ship sample overnight at room temperature for receipt at SickKids Cytogenetics Laboratory within 24 hours of collection.

Paraffin Sections - Minimum of two 4 micron slides, room temperature. Include a circled H&E slide if the tumour is in a limited area of the tissue section.

Special requirements

Fresh tumour - Place in sterile container with SickKids Cytogenetics transport media or other sterile culture media.

Shipping information
The Hospital for Sick Children
Division of Genome Diagnostics
555 University Avenue, Black Wing, Room 3416
Toronto, ON
M5G 1X8
Phone: 416-813-7200 ext. 2
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Off hours: Please send to Rapid Response Laboratory, 555 University Avenue, Room 3642
Email Molecular Lab:
Email Cytogenetics:
Background and clinical significance


Disease condition


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