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DAISY Form: Lifetime Achievement Award

Nominate a Nurse

Help us recognize the nurses who have had an impact on nursing practice, patient and family centered care as well as the nursing profession.

The DAISY Lifetime Achievement Award gives staff a way to express their gratitude and recognize the legacies that have sustained and shaped the heritage of nursing. Nurses eligible for this prestigious award:

  • Have a distinguished career as a nurse in clinical practice, administration, education, and/or research that promote a positive image of professional nursing
  • Demonstrate and actively engage in the professional development of self and others in the nursing profession
  • Serve as a role model and advocate for nursing practice and the advancement of nursing as a profession
  • Advocate for the improvement of patient care and serves as an exemplar for enhancing the patient experience
  • Are recognized by the broader nursing community as a transformational nursing leader
  • 25+ years of service

Please describe this nurse leader in detail including why you are nominating them and how they have made a difference throughout their career.

If this nurse is chosen as a recipient, your submission may be published on the SickKids website. Do you consent to your submission being shared? (required)

Please tell us about yourself, so that we may include you in the celebration of this award if the nurse you nominated is chosen.

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