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Graduate Nursing Students

Thank you for your interest in the nursing student placement program at SickKids. As a teaching hospital we are committed to providing learning opportunities for nursing students. This web page will provide you with details about the application process.

Placement Process

Graduate nursing student placements are coordinated by SickKids Learning Institute in collaboration with the university/academic placement coordinators. Applicants for NP student placements at SickKids require acute pediatric care experience.

  • Placement requests will NOT be accepted from students directly and will be returned to the requesting student.
  • Availability of SickKids NP and MN preceptors is communicated to the academic placement coordinators in advance of each semester. Graduate nursing students are required to consult with their academic placement coordinator before proceeding with the SickKids application process.

  • Applications received after the application deadline will not be considered.
  • Once all applications are reviewed, SickKids will contact the academic placement coordinators and provide preliminary placement information. Graduate students will be informed about the outcome of their placement requests by their placement coordinator.
  • Prior to receiving a final confirmation of their acceptance for a placement at SickKids, graduate students will be asked to contact their preceptor directly to ensure a mutual understanding of goals and to confirm that learning needs can be appropriately met in the requested clinical area.

Documents Required Prior to Placement

A current Affiliation Agreement needs to be in place with SickKids prior to any student placement. The academic placement coordinator is to contact SickKids to ensure that there is an agreement in place or to begin the process of establishing an agreement.

  • Immunization Form (PDF) - completed for each student and forwarded to SickKids at least 15 days prior to the placement start date.
  • All students will need to complete a Student Placement Affiliation Agreement Appendix B Form. Please contact for the form specific to your academic institution.
  • Police Records Check/Vulnerable Sector Screening - The cost and completion of this screening is responsibility of the student. Failure to provide an evidence of a Police Reference Check/ Vulnerable Sector Screening will prevent students from beginning their clinical placement at SickKids. The original Police Reference Check / Vulnerable Sector Screening document must be presented at least 15 calendar days prior to the placement start date.

  • SickKids ID Badge
  • Windows Account
  • Clinical Systems Training (Epic)
  • N95 mask fit testing if more than two years since last test
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