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Child Life Specialists make a difference for kids of all ages at SickKids

March 20, 2015

In honour of Child Life week, SickKids, is celebrating the important contribution Child Life staff make to patients of all ages at the hospital.

A woman wearing a SickKids Child Life tshirt and lanyard sites on a bench next to a young girl with an IV

SickKids doctors implant the first total artificial heart for a child in Canada

July 18, 2022

SickKids teams came together to urgently perform an innovative procedure to bridge Mariam to a second heart transplant after she went into heart failure for a second time.

Child seated in a wheelchair connected to a large machine.

When pain ends, kids can be kids again: Get Up and Go celebrates two years of successful partnership between Holland Bloorview and SickKids

November 10, 2017

Client Staci, now 15, shared her story on Nov. 9 at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, where patients, families, and teams gathered to celebrate the second anniversary of Get Up and Go: Persistent Paediatric Pain Service. The service is …

Teenage girl and her mom smile for the camera.

This Sepsis Awareness Month learn how SickKids works hard 365 days a year to prevent sepsis

September 28, 2018

Sepsis is a systemic inflammatory response to any infection, and can lead to widespread tissue damage, multi-organ failure, and death. Treatment needs to be delivered as soon as a diagnosis is reached. SickKids works hard to prevent sepsis every …

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From survivors: Cancer journey doesn’t end at remission

September 25, 2019

SickKids research shows that many childhood cancer survivors will develop some kind of late effects of their cancer or its treatment – including increased risk of heart problems, mental health concerns, and new cancers – at some point in their …

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SickKids and Scarborough Health Network’s VaxFacts Clinic team up to bring focused COVID-19 vaccine consultation to pregnant and breastfeeding people

April 4, 2022

Pregnant and breastfeeding people can book an initial appointment with the SickKids COVID-19 Vaccine Consult Service and have an option for further consultation with Scarborough Health Network’s VaxFacts Clinic.

Pregnant woman talks on the phone.

Point-of-care ultrasound leads to more efficient and accurate diagnoses in SickKids emergency

February 16, 2016

A portable technology called point-of-care ultrasound is helping doctors at SickKids provide better and more efficient bedside care in the emergency department, and it’s having a huge impact.

Nursing as a vehicle for improving child health: A SickKids-Ghana Partnership

December 11, 2020

The SickKids-Ghana Paediatric Nursing Education Partnership (PNEP) is helping scale up paediatric nursing education across Ghana and ultimately improving health outcomes for children.

A guiding compass: Social Work program having big impact on families who need help navigating resources

March 15, 2017

Navigating the health-care system can be a daunting task. Here to help navigate the murky waters is Family Resource Coordinator Giulia De Lorenzis.

New resource aims to help bridge the gap between clinicians and teen parents

June 19, 2019

Go behind the scenes with the clinical team and young mothers responsible for creating the “Complete Care of Young Parents and their Children” infographic, a joint effort between SickKids, Young Parents No Fixed Address (YPNFA), Toronto Public …

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