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Five women in science who are shaping child health research at SickKids

February 11, 2022

On International Day of Women and Girls in Science, learn about five women in diverse roles that support child health research at SickKids, and their insights on pursuing a career in science.

Headshots of five women.

Does AI really know best? Exploring the role of artificial intelligence in clinical care

March 16, 2023

Hear from two SickKids researchers who are leading the discussion around ethical and care implications of using artificial intelligence in medical decision making.

A female physician shows a patient data on a tablet.

Canada must be ready to transition into new era of genomic medicine

November 10, 2021

SickKids clinicians and scientists call for a national, coordinated strategy on genomic medicine to support adoption of genome sequencing as a standard-of-care diagnostic test.

Discovering how a rare cancer grows: SickKids researchers uncover genetics behind adrenal gland cancer

January 13, 2015

Researchers at SickKids led the largest genetic analysis of children with adrenocortical cancer, a rare cancer which occurs predominantly in infants and young children and in adults over 60 years old.

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Global genomic collaboration provides diagnoses and informs care for infants with epilepsy

August 17, 2023

A technique known as rapid genome sequencing has provided a diagnosis for 43 per cent of infants with unexplained epilepsy and informed their care in an international partnership.

An illustration of flashing neurons. Created by SickKids using Midjourney.

SickKids ranked No. 2 on Canada’s Top 40 Research Hospitals list in 2016

November 10, 2016

SickKids earned second place on the annual top 40 list for overall research spending, a jump from third place last year. The list examines research hospitals across the country and ranks them based on research spending and intensity.

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Genome sequencing links rare tandem repeats to genes associated with schizophrenia

December 14, 2022

Study finds individuals with schizophrenia have significantly higher rates of tandem repeats in their genome, using novel computational methods developed at SickKids.

An abstract rendering of a DNA chain.

SickKids receives funding for brain cancer research on World Cancer Day

February 5, 2015

In celebration of World Cancer Day, the Honorable Rona Ambrose, Federal Minister of Health, announced funding for over 80 new cancer research projects across Canada; two of which are for researchers at SickKids.

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Team led by SickKids scientists finds new insight into gene mutations associated with autism

February 14, 2019

New research from The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), the University of Toronto and McMaster University suggests increased activity in neurons that are deficient in the CNTN5 or EHMT2 gene could cause autism-related characteristics in humans. …

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