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Five women in science who are shaping child health research at SickKids

February 11, 2022

On International Day of Women and Girls in Science, learn about five women in diverse roles that support child health research at SickKids, and their insights on pursuing a career in science.

Headshots of five women.

Preliminary findings shared from COVID-19 child mental health research study

December 7, 2020

70 per cent of children and youth surveyed reported worse mental health during the initial spring lockdowns.

How the fingertip is teaching scientists about tissue repair

June 30, 2016

A new SickKids-led study suggests that nerve-derived cells may play a key role in regulating tissue repair and regeneration in the distal tip and throughout the body.

SickKids ranked No. 2 on Canada’s Top 40 Research Hospitals list in 2016

November 10, 2016

SickKids earned second place on the annual top 40 list for overall research spending, a jump from third place last year. The list examines research hospitals across the country and ranks them based on research spending and intensity.

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It turns out forgetting is really important for memory

June 21, 2017

The prevailing idea in neurobiology when it comes to memories has been that remembering information is king. But according to researchers from the University of Toronto and The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), the role of forgetting certain …

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SickKids study finds hypothyroidism in pregnant women may reduce cognitive abilities in children

April 27, 2015

Children born to women treated for hypothyroidism during pregnancy may be at risk for reduced cognitive abilities and behaviour problems, if mother’s treatment was not properly adjusted during pregnancy.

Industry Minister gets sneak-peek at innovative surgical robots at SickKids

March 9, 2015

The Honourable James Moore, Minister of Industry, made his first visit to SickKids on March 9 to meet with scientists and staff working in the Centre for Image-Guided Innovation and Therapeutic Intervention (CIGITI).

James Drake, wearing a white SickKids lab coat, explains a large piece of technical machinery to a man and child who observe attentively

A new diagnostic tool for paediatric stroke patients will improve diagnosis and treatment course

May 25, 2018

One of the most common causes of stroke and stroke recurrence in childhood are abnormalities of the arteries in the brain. However, to date, diagnostic imaging tools have not been adequate to perform this task.

Dr. Michael Salter appointed Chief of Research at SickKids

April 14, 2015

Following an extensive international search, Dr. Michael Salter has been appointed Chief of Research at SickKids. Salter will assume his new responsibilities as Chief of Research on July 1, 2015 following Dr. Janet Rossant’s completion of her …

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